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Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD

Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., LTD
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: HT sensor
No. of Employees: 60~150
Annual Sales: 6000000-7000000
Year Established: 1994
Export p.c: 60% - 70%
R&D: 10+
About Us

   Baoji Hengtong Electronics Co., Ltd., located in the renowned "The Western Sensor Capital of China" - Baoji city, was established in 1994. As a leading domestic manufacturer of pressure sensors and pressure transmitter, the company has been dedicated to the production of pressure sensors for nearly 30 years. It is also one of the earliest high-tech enterprises in China that integrates research, production, and sales of pressure sensors. With a factory area of over 7,000 square meters, the company has more than 150 employees and an annual production capacity of 300,000 pressure sensors. It has sales teams in various cities such as Xi'an, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


   Adhering to the development philosophy of "guided by technological innovation," the company is committed to researching and developing advanced and high-quality pressure sensor products to meet the ever-changing market demands. Additionally, the company upholds the business principle of "meticulous customization, creating infinite value," by thoroughly understanding the needs of each customer. Through meticulous customized services and products, the company aims to create boundless value and establish long-lasting cooperative relationships with its customers.


  • 1994: Hengtong Company in Baoji was officially established.
  • 1996: Moved to Baoji High-tech Development Zone.
  • 1998: Relocated to a self-purchased 2,000 square meter factory (the company entered a high-speed development period).
  • 1999: Independently developed the HT19 series of sensors.
  • 2001: Market share in the pressure sensor industry exceeded 30%.
  • 2005: Raised funds to establish the current research and development and production base.
  • 2008: Passed the certification as a high-tech enterprise.
  • 2012: Established a cooperative relationship with Xi'an Jiaotong University for industry-academia research.
  • 2014: Production and sales of various sensor core components exceeded 500,000 units.
  • 2016: Fixed assets exceeded 60 million yuan, and IoT products entered the market.
  • 2017: Production and sales of various transmitters and instruments exceeded 300,000 units.
  • 2018: Invested in Shaanxi Lianhang Technology Co., Ltd. and entered the automotive sensor field.
  • 2019: Developed an automotive sensor production line and put it into use.
  • 2020: The total production value of Hengtong and its subsidiary companies exceeded 120 million yuan.

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