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BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HT SENSOR
Certification: RoHS, ISO9001
Model Number: BP93420D-II
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 5-8 workday
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000pcs/month
Detail Information
Modle: BP93420D-II Range: 0-10kpa~2Mpa
Power: 5VDC 24VDC Output: 0.5-4.5V 4-20mA 0-10v AND So On
Material: Stainless Steel Thread: Male And Female
Pressure Type: Differential Pressure Protection Class: IP65
Working Temperature: 0-60℃ Connector: Big DIN Or OEM

Product Description

BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For Water And Oil


BP93420DIII Differential Pressure Transmitter

Introduction of differential pressure transmitter sensor:


BP93420D-III 2088 Differential pressure transmitter sensor with diffused silicon pressure sensor. When the pressure difference of the measured medium is located on the corrugated diaphragm on both sides of the sensor, the output signal of the sensor chip Wheatstone bridge has a good linear relationship with the pressure difference, and the pressure difference can be accurately measured. It is suitable for the pressure difference measurement of various gases and liquids in pipelines in petroleum, chemical, electric power, hydrology and other industries. 2088 Structural pressure transmitter adopts imported pressure sensor. Computer temperature compensation for laser resistor trimming, integrated junction box design. Equipped with a dedicated terminal and digital display, easy installation, calibration and maintenance. To achieve the measurement of fluid pressure, and suitable for a variety of occasions all-weather environment and a variety of fluids.


Product Features of differential pressure transmitter sensor:

  • The transmitter features a stainless steel structural design, making it compact and easy to install
  • It undergoes strict temperature compensation and aging screening, ensuring stable and reliable performances
  • The electrical interface can be selected as a plug-in or direct wiring option.

Applications of differential pressure transmitter sensor:

  • Suitable for measuring differential pressure of various gases or liquids in pipelines of industries such as petroleum, chemical, power, and hydrology.
  • Applied in industrial on-site processes such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, and hydrology
  • Pressure measurement for pipelines and furnace chambers


Performance Parameters of differential pressure transmitter sensor
Measurement Range 0-10KPa……~2MPa
Pressure Type Differential Pressure
Single-side Overload ≤3 times of the rated range
Static pressure The minimum value between 5 times the rated range or 7 MPa
Accuracy @ 25℃ ±0.25% (Typical) ±0.5% (Maximum)
Repeatability ±0.03% (Typ.) ±0.05%FS (Max.)
Hysteresis ±0.03% (Typ.) ±0.05%FS (Max.)
Long-Term Stability ±0.5%F.S/Year(≤200KPa) ±0.2%F.S/Year(>200KPa)
Zero Temperature Drift ±0.01%FS/℃(>100KPa), ±0.02%FS/℃ (≤100Kpa)
Span Temperature Drift ±0.01%FS/℃(>100KPa), ±0.02%FS/℃ (≤100Kpa)
Compensation Temperature 0-50℃(0-10KPa, 0-20KPa) ,0-70℃ ,-10-70℃
Operating Temperature -30℃~80℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~100℃
Vibration 10g,55Hz ~ 2kHz
Housing Material 304,316L
Diaphragm Material 316L
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ 100VDC
Explosion-proof Rating Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof
Protection Rating IP65
Weight ~0.45kg



Output Signal Supply Voltage Output Type
4~20mA 12~30VDC 2/3/4 wire


3 wire

0.5~4.5V 5VDC


BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 0BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 1

BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 2

BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 3


Ordering tips of differential pressure transmitter sensor


1. When selecting the product, please ensure that the measured medium is compatible with the product's contacting parts.

2. To ensure reliable operation, it is recommended to install a three-valve manifold between the measurement point and the transmitter, ensuring a slow and uniform pressure application to the positive and negative pressure chambers of the transmitter.

3. During installation, it is advisable to position the pressure interfaces at both ends horizontally to minimize the impact of the installation location on the product.

4. For special requirements such as strong vibration, instant impact force, strong electromagnetic interference, or radio frequency interference, please inform our company and specify these requirements in the order


Order Guide of differential pressure transmitter sensor
BP93420XX Pressure Transmitter
  Code Outline Construction
DII Differential Pressure Transmitter
  Measurement Range 0-10KPa……~2MPa
  Code Power Supply
D1 24VDC
D3 Other
  Code Output Signal
S1 4~20mADC S5 0~20mADC
S2 1~5VDC S6 0~10VDC
S3 0~5VDC S7 0.5~4.5VDC
S4 0~10mADC    
  Code Pressure Connection
J1 M20×1.5 Male
J2 G1/2 Male
J3 G1/4 Male
J4 1/2 NPT Male
J5 Other
  Code Electrical Connection
B1 Hirschmann
B2 PG7 Plug
B3 Sealed Cable Output
B4 Other
  Code Pressure Type
D Differential Pressure

BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 4BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 5BP93420D-III Differential Pressure Transmitter Sensor For water and oil 6

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