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Multiple Signal Input Digital Pressure Gauges Industrial Pressure Gauge 2 Point Switch

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Baoji,China
Brand Name: HT SENSOR
Certification: CE,RoHs,ISO9001
Model Number: BPK-III
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export Package
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000PCS/Month
Detail Information
Model NO.: BPK-III Application: Industrial
Structure: Display Gauge Transport Package: Standard Export Packing With Carton
Origin: Baoji, China Warranty: 2years
Measuring Range: Medium-pressure Industrument Switch: 2 Switch
High Light:

Multiple Signal Input Digital Pressure Gauges


Digital Pressure Gauges Industrial RoHs


Industrial Pressure Gauge 2 Point Switch RoHs

Product Description

Product Description

BPK-III Multiple-Signal Input Integration Digital pressure gauge Display Gauge With 2 point Switch

BPK-III Pressure Gauge/Switch


 BPK-III series control have display, control and transmit functions, and have been applied to many automatic control fields. Their main features are as followed:
  1. Various RTD, Thermocouple or standard input signal(see Table) can be selected. Display scope can be calibrated for nonlinear signal, and it can be set for linear signal.  
  2. Isolated transmitting output is 12 bit resolution. Its scope can be set.
  3. Two relay outputs, i t can be set to high/low, high/high-high or low/low-low alarm action types.
Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge


  1. Supply voltage:220VAC  /24VDC10%);
   2. Ambient temperature:0~50ºC; relative humidity:≤85%Non corrosive gas;
   3. Input signal , display scope and relevant parameters:(see Table1)

      Table 1

Input signal code Input signal Display scope Resolution Precision Input impedance
00 T  TC 0~400ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
01 R  TC 0~1600ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
02 J   TC 0~1200ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
03 WRe3-WRe25  TC 0~2300ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
04 B  TC 350~1800ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
05 S  TC 0~1600ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
06 K  TC 0~1300ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
07 E  TC 0~900ºC 1ºC 0.2% 100K
08 Pt100   RTD -200.~600.0ºC 0.1ºC 0.2% (0.2mA)
09 Cu50   RTD -50.0~150.0ºC 0.1ºC 0.2% (0.2mA)
10 0~375Ω remote pressure Low and high limit of scope can be set from -1999 to 9999 Display scope is continuous from -1999 to 9999 using 16bit A/D sample 0.2% (0.2mA)
11 0~75mVcurrent divider 0.1% 100K
12 0~30mV 0.1% 100K
13 0~5Vstandard signal 0.1% 100K
14 1~5Vstandard signal 0.1% 100K
15 0~10Vstandard signal 0.1% 100K
16 0~10 mA standard signal 0.1% 20Ω
17 0~20 mA standard signal 0.1% 20Ω
18 4~20 mA standard signal 0.1% 20Ω
4. Analog current output and related parameters: (see Table 2)
                    Table 2
Transmitting output signal Current output Transmitting scope Isolated voltage Max.
Precision Load capacity Open- circuit voltage
00 4~20 mA Transmit data within scope to standard current signal 1500V 12bits 0.3% ≤500Ω 15V
01 0~20mA
   This product is manufactured into only 4 ~ 20 mA or 0 to two 20mA output current signal. If the user needs voltage output signal transmission output, can be customized from the manufacturer or self is connected with 250 or 500 ohm resistor for 1 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V voltage and resistor (Note: the precision of resistor directly affects the precision of transmit output voltage).
 5.Relay output contact capacity:(see Table 3)
  250V/120V 120V/48V <48V Relay life
>100000 times
Max. current (Resistive load) 3A 2A 4A 3A 5A 4A
Max .current (Inductive load) 0.3A 0.2A 0.4A 0.3A 0.5A 0.4A

  6. External DC24V/30mA power. It can supply power to transmitter
  7. With automatic temperature compensation function for thermocouple sensor.
  8. With disconnection protection function

Model Outline dimension Panel output dimension(mm) Note
BPK-IIIS1 160×80×80(Horizontal ) 152+0.8×76+0.7  
BPK-IIIS2 96×48×112(horizontal) 92+0.7×44+0.5  
BPK-IIIN1 80×160×80(vertical) 76+0.7×152+0.8  
BPK-IIIN2 48×96×112(vertical) 44+0.5×92+0.7  
BPK-IIIF1 96×96×112(square) 92+0.7×92+0.7  
BPK-IIIF2 48×48×108(square) 44+0.5×44+0.5 With J2alarm lamp without J2 relay
BPK-IIIF3 72×72×112 67+0.7×67+0.7  
Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge
Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge
Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge


Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge
Multiple-Signal Input Integration Display Gauge




1. Q: What are the features of your pressure sensor transmitters?
    A: High precision, durability, and excellent performance. Customization available.
2. Q: Can I customize special specifications?
    A: Yes, our engineers can tailor products to meet specific needs. We provide OEM and ODM service
3. Q: What is your production capacity?
    A: Our manufacturing facilities can produce up to 30,000 pressure sensor transmitters per month, so we are fully capable of meeting the needs of large-scale orders. However, it is advisable to contact our sales team in advance to ensure smooth production and delivery scheduling.
4. Q: What's the typical delivery period?
    A: 5~8 working day for standard models. Customized products may vary.
5. Q: How are the products priced? Any discounts?
    A: Competitive pricing with discounts for bulk orders or long-term partners.
6. Q: What is the warranty of your products? And after-sales service?
    A: Our warranty time is 24 months after shipment, and our after-sales will respond with your questions in 24hrs, remote instruction by PC network is always available.


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